Heaven or God?

Becoming a Christian, this is something that in church we want to see happen to people we want to see them become a Christian. But why… so often the thing I see in churches today, they want to see people become Christians so they will be saved from hell, or that they will go to heaven. Here is where I think we are so often missing the mark.

Now look at your life, why did you become a Christian? Was it for one of the reasons I mentioned? Now if you become a Christian, to be saved from judgment, then why did you become a Christian? It is simple; you became a Christian, so that you could receive the gift that God gives. If you became a Christian for the gift, and the gift is what you desire, then you are missing out! What you need to see is that the best gift is not what things God gives, but God!! Being a Christian is about having a relationship with God! So often you hear in churches about heaven, and so much less you hear about what heaven is, and that is to be with God.

If we explain to someone that we want to then to become a Christian so they go to heaven, then we are pointing them to God’s gift, and not God. Jesus did not die on the cross so you could go to heaven!!! He died so that we could have a relationship with Him, and that is so much better than this makeshift heaven that we have made up in our heads, that is all about us having things. It is about us knowing the Creator of all things!

Now this changes a lot!! People who want to say, well I will get right with God later, and enjoy my life now, just doesn’t work!! Why is this? It is because heaven is about having a relationship with God, and if we are looking for that relationship, and not the gifts, then we will desire that relationship now. When one understands the great joy of knowing God they do not want to wait to know God, but to build that relationship now. If your desire is for God, and not His gifts, then work towards knowing Him more now

John 17:3 “And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent”

2 thoughts on “Heaven or God?

  1. Do you actually know someone(s) who became a Christian? Someone who wasn’t a Christian, right from the start? Someone who wasn’t born a Christian, to Christian parents, and raised in a Christian church? What were they before? Jew? Muslim? Hindu? Atheist? Or just someone who didn’t attend your church?


    • Yes, I do why do you wonder? I have one friend who used to be an atheist. Also I know someone who called them self a Buddhist. Then I do know a bunch of people who just didn’t care or think about who God was.

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