Life led by a sinful man.

In my hands

My own I thought

Captured by this one

Caught up in these things

I was told would bring me joy

When none came, I was told I needed more

More I acquired, still more was needed

Closer to the goal I thought, but further I was taken

Lost and confused by things I didn’t understand

Why was it always more

Why could I not obtain

Still, on I continued to fight

Fight, for things that would bring

This thing I so desired

To bring the joy I thought was near

When deeper in sorrow

I was told end it

End it all, and be free

When I looked around me I could see

Nothing was there worth the fight

No joy was here

So yes, listen to this voice

But still another came to me

I was told to leave what was to bring joy

And was showed another source

Leave what I had worked towards

This One He now explained to me what death would surely  be

He showed me the deceit in what beyond my blinded eyesI was not my own

I was not my own

but owned by sin indeed

The chains around me now were clear

The enemy was now revealed

This One He offered freedom

But how and why

I was not one to be considered worthy

Yet, He said the price was paid

He said though I’m not worthy

He would make me new

He would give me worth

Yes, He has given worth


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