Am I missing God’s Call?

What is God calling you too? This question seems to echo in my mind over and over again. What is God’s will for me? What does He want me to do? Am I making the right choices right now? As if God’s plan for me is some great mystery that I am supposed to sit and figure out. But in all reality God has made it clear. Every little thing I am supposed to do? No, but I do not believe that was ever His plan! Rather His will that is written out in the Bible!

He calls us to a life of love for one another. He calls is to a life of trust in Him. Over and over in the Bible we can see God’s will for out life’s. If we follow the call that he makes clear in His word, then we will not miss His spific call for our lives! But if we neglect to follow what He calls us to in His word then we will surely miss out altogether! Will God use our lives for good either way? Yes, but I know I for one don’t want to be the example of disobedience, but rather an example of someone who if flowing God with all their heart!

So, read your Bible, follow what God has called you to. Pray, and don’t, miss out on the life God is calling you to! He has made His plan known! Follow His word, and you will follow His plan for your life!

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