Why Home School? 


After hearing a speaker talk about the way that they are taking God out of the school is really made me begin to think. No, it was not that I had not realized this was happening, but this just helped me think more deeply about it. She was talking about how they are trying to take God out of History, and how that as a child going up through school she did not realize all the Christian influences through history. I began thinking on this and realized just how important it is to teach our children how God has worked all through out history.

My issue with schooling I think begins with the fact when sending your children to school all through out there day they are tossed into a world view where God is nonexistent. They are taught science and history but not about the Creator and how He has worked through out history and how He is they one who causes everything that we see. He is in control of everything that happens.

Okay, lest begin with history when teaching our children I believe it is so important to teach them the greatness of God through out. We can see the things that happened to people in the past and see God’s judgement and God’s grace we can see how God allowed great things to happen and brought great things to be. In the end, history should be a story that shows the greatness and the power of God. Our children should be able to look back and see just how God worked and learn that God can work that same way in us today. They should be taught to fear God and his judgment through looking back on the past. Instead they are being taught How great people are that they were able to accomplish this and  were able to do that. They learn the evils of nations, but never understand the judgment of God. I begin asking what is the point. What is the point of your children learning about the past if it is not teaching them the greatest lesson. The lesson that is quite evident in history. God is great and He should be praised. God is merciful. God will judge the wicked. They need to learn a fear of the Lord. And if God is taken out what are they learning? People did great, horrible, or strange thing.

When children are taught about science they are taught how amazing it is that the world can do this or that. How amazing people are that they discovered such things. They are taught that the world is great. They are taught things that we can not even grasp. Yet they are not taught, yes the world can do amazing things, but it is because of a great God. It is because God is powerful and God is mighty, it is because God is good and God is loving that he created the world in just they way that He did to provide for the needs we have. The world should be a picture of the greatness of God, but instead it is simply a picture of how great this or that is how great this person is or how great they can be.

I believe the biggest problem I see in this it gives your children a messed up view of the world. They see all these great facts through out the world. That is the real world box. The stuff that is really there and what most of the there time can be spent thinking about. Then there is God. Yes, He is important, but He is someone who is in heaven kinda doing his own thing while we are doing our thing here on earth. Where is he through out this world and what we do in out every day life. Children need to be shown the greatness of God in everything. So that they might not even be able to walk out the door without seeing God is great.

God is great and should be exalted! He should be praised. Let us not become guilty of taking from God the praise He deserves. Both from our lips and from the lips of our children. He is Holy!

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